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FPC Leadership

The local governing body of a Presbyterian Church is the Session made up of the Pastor(s) and Elders elected from the local congregation. At Faith Presbyterian, the Session is comprised of our Pastor, Jim Witherow, as Moderator and six Elders who have been elected from the congregation. Elders serve for a term of 3 years and can serve up to two consecutive terms if re-elected. The Session is responsible for all that goes on in the life of the church, including worship, study, fellowship, caring, and mission/outreach.

The Session and congregation of Faith Presbyterian have authorized the creation of the Board of Deacons whose primary responsibility is to administer the Caring Ministry and Mission/Outreach Ministries of the church. Deacons are also elected from the membership of the congregation to serve terms with the same limits as the Session. Although the Session and Board of Deacons have responsibility for the ministries and mission of the church, they accomplish their work by forming Ministry Teams from their ranks and members of the congregation.

All members of the church are encouraged by the Session and Board of Deacons to lead and/or to participate in our life of mission and ministry together. To become a Ministry Team leader you only need to have leadership gifts and a heart and willing spirit to follow God’s call and purpose for your life. If you possess these things our Session and Board of Deacons will give you the space and guidance to serve the Lord in a way that fulfills your life in the body of Christ.