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Words from Pastor Jim:

Getting Involved with Jesus is Risky Business

I have previously shared in this space how much a simple invitation to visit a church impacted our lives when Wanda and I first moved to Fort Worth. That invitation came from my new boss and his wife—Sam and Manning Day. By the end of this year we will have friendships and close relationships with people we met on that first day that have lasted almost 40 years.

Beyond those relationships, Wanda’s and my relationship with Christ deepened and grew in ways neither of us could imagine—as well as our relationship with each other. Our journey of faith was largely shaped by our years of involvement with First Presbyterian of Ft. Worth.

It’s that ‘involvement’ I want to focus on for this writing. Like some, we got very involved with our new church. We worked in youth leadership for over 7 years. I became an elder after being a member for just 3 years. And, we spent a lot of time with our new friends. For us, the Sunday School hour before worship was the regular time when we got together with our new friends for sharing what was going on in our lives and a Bible or topical Study, and a lot of lively discussion.

Also like many others, my growing and very busy career in mortgage banking created more than a bit of a Sunday morning conflict, but Wanda was great at getting me and our two young daughters to Sunday School and church on a regular basis.
Don’t let “our two young daughters” slip by you too quickly. Things have changed some since those times—but, NOT THAT MUCH. Getting a family of four to church for two hours on Sunday mornings is not any harder today than it was then.

The excuses today are the same ones we used when our girls were living at home—I have yet to hear a new one, just more (too many more) of the old ones.

Sometime in the late 80’s something else began to happen through my involvement in the church. The desire in me to come up with another justification or excuse for not going to church on Sunday just kinda went away. I felt myself wanting MORE involvement with Christ and His Church. The conflict in me now was with anything, including my career, keeping me away from getting more involved with Jesus.
It’s easy to find people who want a limited involvement with Jesus and His church. Most churches are full of them. It’s harder to find people who want to go deeper. But, that’s what I did.

I found a small group of people in our church who were committed to spiritual formation and growth. We were all busy people with careers and family, but somehow we found time to meet together regularly as well as work on our own spiritual practices, individually.
Involvement with Jesus is not something that can be done only when you have enough time—or, nothing more important to do (I have a hard time just putting that statement in writing!).

Personally, I look back with sadness at all the things I used to do instead of getting more involved with Jesus—and, I have done a LOT.
I can honestly say that there’s no place I’d rather go and nothing I’d rather do than get more involved with Jesus. I pray that you get that desire to get more involved with Jesus, too.

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