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   Words from Pastor Jim:

It’s Time to Grow Up

The Bible doesn’t give us much time with Jesus as a child or youth. As a matter of fact, two of the Gospels, Mark and John, don’t give us anytime with Jesus in His early life at all—including His birth.

Just as quickly as we leave another Christmas season behind and re-enter the routines of life that dominate our time most of the year, the Bible just as quickly calls us to engage what the Jesus birth event should mean to our ‘routine’ lives with an adult Jesus. Our temptation is to leave Jesus behind in that touching scene in the manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph, shepherds, Wise Men, some cattle and sheep with an angel hovering overhead. But that would be, well—childish.

The truth is, most of us go through life with a fairly childish faith—if any real faith at all.

The baby Jesus did grow up and He grew up to ascend to the very throne of heaven and wield the full power and authority of GOD (please pause and think about that)—and He grew up to take us with Him. The demands of this journey should not be taken lightly—if we really plan on being with Jesus for eternity.

No, the demands of this journey require that we start growing up—now. A childish faith will not be enough. This is not something we should be in denial about, convincing ourselves we’ve got ‘enough’ faith (there really is no such thing). Most of us are spiritual children walking around in adult clothes. The first step toward spiritual maturity is realizing that our life depends on having a grown up faith with Jesus as the Lord of our life.
A life without a grownup faith in Jesus is a life destined to be filled by vanity, futility, and a lot of desperation.

We promise that the rest of your ‘routine’ (and, not so ‘routine’) lives will make a lot more sense—with more purpose, with more joy, more peace, and a lot more genuine love as your faith grows.

If growing your faith is not in your plans this New Year, you will be in our prayers—constantly.

If acquiring a grown up faith is in your plans (and, we really hope it is) we would love to have you with us as we work together on developing a grownup faith.

Pastor Jim

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