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Elizabeth Boulware Landes,
Associate Pastor of Children and Youth Ministry            dce@faithaledo.com

Elizabeth is the Associate Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church.


Elizabeth attended Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas. It was here that she began to hear a call into ministry. After graduating from Schreiner, Elizabeth moved across the country to attend Union Presbyterian Seminary. It was here that Elizabeth heard the call unfold. Elizabeth graduated with a Masters of Divinity along with a Masters of Arts in Christian Education. For as long as she can remember she has been involved with educational ministry.

The church is called to share the stories of faith to new believers, whether they be children, youth, or adults, and we answer the call through opportunities for growth through worship, Sunday school, Bible studies, and special events. It is a joy to be able to partake in educational ministry at Faith Presbyterian Church.

Elizabeth has been apart of FAITH since 2014, along with her husband, Nick and their two boys, Liam and Lincoln.




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Ric Flauding, Dir. Music Ministry          music@faithaledo.com

Ric is an active award-winning composer, arranger, songwriter and classically trained guitarist. He has composed and arranged in styles ranging from jazz to easy listening to classical and orchestral, and has performed with some of America’s best known jazz and pop artists. To date he has released a dozen albums and has more than a hundred singles on popular music download sites.

Ric has a deep knowledge and applied experience of music. In the “traditional”, he has studied music from Gregorian Chant through the 20th Century. In the “contemporary”, he has been in and directed bands of various styles throughout his career. Ric has many years as a producer and music director. This has enabled him to develop skills in communication as it relates to all elements of the arts, and those performing them. Ric has a love and concern for others. As a music director he has worked with both volunteers and professionals and appreciate and respect them equally – He believes in “team” and leaving egos at the door. He takes leadership very seriously. Ric is very accomplished at any music writing skills (arranging-orchestrating-composing) and any/all charting including takedowns.

Ric is an Adjunct Instructor in Music Composition and Music Technology at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary since September 2009.
One of Ric’s greatest gifts is his marriage to Denise and the partnership they share. Whether at home or in the Church they work well together because the love and care they have for each other is consistent and real. Denise will roll up her sleeves and do whatever she can and she has a vast array of gifts as well.


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