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FPC Music

Music is a fun and inspirational part of our church. Faith has music opportunities for children, youth and adults. At Faith Presbyterian we enjoy a variety of musical expressions—all designed to glorify God and witness to our faith. We sing and play some of the rich traditional hymns right alongside inspiring, upbeat modern Christian songs and music. Our music ministry is central to our life together as a worshiping community.

In addition to the music teams below, we have a variety of musical talents in our congregation. If you enjoy singing or playing a musical instrument, we have a place for you with our existing music teams or new ensembles coming together as musical interests and gifts present themselves.

Musicians of Faith

Come one, come all! We would love for you to join the Musicians of Faith! We are a fun group of people who love to sing, have fellowship and sing praises to God. We practice each Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 p.m. We sing on Sundays three times a month. We don’t sing the first Sunday of each month so that choir members can participate in Communion with their loved ones. In December, the Musicians of Faith also present the wonderful classic ,The Messiah, and lead our Christmas caroling.

Children and Youth Bell Choir

We invite all youth and children in 4th-12th grade to join the bell choir. This is a great opportunity to learn how to read music and to play our beautiful handbells. Our rehearsals are on Sunday afternoon.

Adult Bell Choir

For those adults who claim they can or cannot sing . . . and love music, please come and join the adult bell choir. We meet once a week and we perform twice a year. Even if you can’t read music, you can ring a bell!

For more information, contact Johna Beth Mohr at 817/441-6262 or by email – music@faithaledo.com