Latest Updates From PNC:

February 2021: Rev Elizabeth Lockhart becomes full-time Transitional Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church. PNC remains in place looking for a permanent full-time Pastor

January 2021: Session and Rev. Edie Gause have made an arrangement for Edie to serve as Temporary Coordinating Pastor until either the Session hires an interim pastor or the PNC which you have elected has a new pastor to present to you.

July: PNC Report – The team has interviewed two candidates for Senior Pastor and a third is scheduled for interview shortly.

May: PNC Report – The team is looking at applications. The COM loads applications on Monday, so the team meets on Tuesday to go through the new applications. They will be loading the job posting (Ministry Information Form – MIF) onto the church website and sending to seminaries.

March: We are currently revising our Ministry Information Form with our presbytery contact. This document will help potential candidates learn about our church and what we are looking for in a pastor. Once the revisions are complete, it will be sent to the presbytery for approval before our session gives final approval.

February: The PNC has met 4 times. We started with a bible study to prepare each of us for the search for a senior pastor for this church. We met last week and completed the Ministry Information Form (MIF). This form is then sent to Presbytery for approval. The MIF consists of information a pastoral candidate would need to know about our church, such as our mission and vision, and the working parts of our church. It also has information about membership, attendance and the salary the church is prepared to pay based on the budget. We will let you know when the MIF is approved and what the next steps will be. Until then, continue to pray for our church, the person God has chosen to lead this church, for the PNC and pray for what committee you can serve on as we continue to do the work God has put on us here at Faith Presbyterian.



We have all been made in the image of God and are called to love one another as our Savior loves us. Using the examples that Jesus Christ gave us when he was flesh, we turn to God to lead and guide us in all that we do. Just as the body has many members, so we believe it is also with Christ.

We are just like most Christians in our devotion to Jesus Christ. We believe that in life and death we belong to God. However, at the core of Presbyterian identity is the passionate emphasis on the grace of Christ, which allows us to experience love, extend love to others and live lives of gratitude. Through this gratitude to God we strive to serve Christ in our daily tasks and to live holy and joyful lives.

For centuries, the church has faced several social and cultural changes which have impacted the interpretation of the Bible as described in The Book of Confessions. As a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we adhere to the living word of God found in the scriptures and the polity of the church. We look to the Bible for truth and understanding in how to demonstrate God’s love for one another while remaining faithful to God and biblical teachings.

The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy, based upon the Biblical system of church government as defined in the Presbyterian Book of Order. Presbyterians are the most open of church traditions exemplified by a government that stresses active representational leadership of both ministers and members. Each congregation elects elders to session, the primary governing body of the congregation.

FAITH Presbyterian is currently involved in a search for a new Senior Pastor. The characteristics we are searching for are an individual with a deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ based on the Reformed Tradition, a desire to continue to grow in faith while helping others in their faith journey, someone with planning and leadership skills, the ability to recruit and train educational leaders, and someone with a heart for Christian discipleship.
This new Senior Pastor will join with FAITH Presbyterians Session in fulfilling our Mission Planning for our future in this community.