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Words from Transitional Pastor: The Rev. Elizabeth Lockhart

FAITH Family,

My Statement of Faith: (as an introduction)

I believe in the Sovereignty of the One Living God who created humankind in the divine image and blessed us with an eternal covenant of Grace. This Grace is the unconditional love and forgiveness of God that we do not deserve and cannot earn.

I believe those who are claimed by God are to be a blessing for all humanity by responding to God’s mercy and extending this blessing of Grace to all people.

I believe that all people are children of a loving, faithful and merciful God who sends us “…to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners” Isaiah 61:1. This good news is God’s love for all. All God’s children are called to embody unconditional love and model Grace towards one another.

I believe God desires Grace be felt by all creation. Yet we suffer, oh how we do suffer. I believe the weakness in our human condition is that we curse our blessings, we crucify our Christ.

I believe God in Christ has been at work throughout history. God has been speaking a Word of Grace to us through prophets, messengers, and communities who urge us to brighten our gaze and soften our hearts. Jesus is the Word of Grace made flesh. The incarnation of Grace walked among us. The blessing of God’s love was with us. We cursed this blessing. We crucified this Christ.

I believe Grace had and still has the final Word. Hear the Good News, Christ IS Risen! It is finished. We are forgiven.

I believe in the Holy Spirit who calls us into community. The gathered community, the church, is called to share the good news with and be a blessing to a suffering world. We are called by the Spirit to be the visible presence of Grace by nurturing the young in faith, cultivating a presence of peace, and igniting a passion for justice.

I believe the sacraments of Baptism and Communion are the outward visible signs of the inward reality of God’s covenant of Grace. We are claimed by the waters of baptism and we are sustained by the bread and wine of presence.

I believe I have been called and claimed by God for a preaching/teaching/praying ministry. I understand myself to be a sinner always in need of Jesus’ never-ending love and God’s guiding Spirit.

I believe that by Grace I will always be a curious and imaginative child of God. And I pray that I will always remain open to the possibility that God is speaking in new and marvelous ways.

Grace-filled Peace,
Rev. Elizabeth Lockhart


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