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  Words from Pastor Elizabeth:


I can’t believe summer is passing so quickly. July is beginning, VBS is just around the corner and I have already began planning for fall. We have a choice to intentionally use our time, or let the time pass us by. We can intentionally fill our time with opportunities to deepen our relationship with God. We can participate in a community of faith, spend time in prayer, and God’s Word. We have to fill our times with activities that build us and others up.

This past May I had the opportunity to attend a conference seeking to provide me with the tools to care for myself. The focus of the retreat was on whole self-wellness, and rest. It was a much-needed week, where I barely even had to take care of myself. Everything I could need or even think I might need (except wifi) was available with a short walk or a simple question. During this week, I was challenged to think through the ways that I am living in connection to my call to serve God. I was seeking to answer if the way that I structure my time, and places I put my energy where building me up to Serve God and FAITH with energy, intelligence or imagination. I was challenged to see how the ways I was living gave truth to the promises of God. By the end of the week I was expected to produce a written rule of life. This rule was to be a foundation for the way I am to live each day. As I was working through this, I kept coming back to the word rhythm. This rule was not a list of do’s and don’ts for my life, but a way of being in the world for me. It is a way of being in the world. A rhythm of life. This rhythm is a daily choice for me to be in tune with God and the world around me in an intentional way. It’s a daily choice to see the world with the eyes of God, offering the world the gifts of grace, compassion and love only God can offer.

What we have to offer to the world is directly connected to what we are filling ourselves with. The things we give our time, talents, and resources too affect the way we view the world and what we have to offer to it. If we want to live in a way that brings glory to Jesus than we must fill our lives with Jesus. These past Sundays we have used words from A Brief Statement of Faith to affirm our faith. This statement of faith begins with the words “In life and death we belong to God.” These words remind me that how we spend our life matters. The way we rule or rhythm we choose for our life matters. We have opportunities to choose over and over to fill our days with things that speak truth to the promise of God. We have opportunities each day to fill ourselves with God’s love, grace, and compassion. Over the next few days, take time to reflect on the direction your life has gone. What do you need to change or keep doing in order to live a life flowing from your identity in God? What would you put on your Rhythm of life? How are you orienting yourself to the world, God, and yourself? Does your life bring Glory to God? Does it speak truth to the promises of God for the world?

Pastor Elizabeth

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