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Words from Assoc. Pastor Elizabeth:

FAITH Family,

What a blessing modern technology has been for us. Internet and video conferencing has allowed us to stay connected, worship together, and have Bible studies. Last Sunday, I held online Sunday school for our elementary and preschool children. We went on a scavenger hunt together and our final item, was to find something that remind each of us of God. Because of modern technology we were able to laugh and share and be together.

I find myself during these days practicing gratitude in an intentional way. It helps to keep me from letting worry and sadness overtake me. One of the things I am most grateful for right now is the time to garden. For as long as I can remember Nick and I have talked about having a small garden. We have looked at beds, planned out what we would grow, and even bought some herbs. And each year the calendar has prevented us from setting up the garden, but this year we were finally able to make the time for it. In years past, the calendar has been filled with things we wanted to do. This year we have had the time to do it. We spent time as a family planting this garden. My boys were filled with joy and excitement as they helped choose the plants to grow, and even enjoyed the manual labor of creating the garden bed. I am excited about all the joy this garden will bring to my family as we care for it and enjoy the fruits and veggies it produces. Through the aches of sore muscles I give thanks for the backyard garden.

In a time when so much is not as is should be. In a time when our schedules are clear, we are missing celebrations, and community, I need this practice of gratitude.  I come back to command in 1 Thessalonians to rejoice, pray, and give thanks in all times an all ways.

Brothers and sisters, we ask you to respect those who are working with you, leading you, and instructing you. Think of them highly with love because of their work. Live in peace with each other. Brothers and sisters, we urge you to warn those who are disorderly. Comfort the discouraged. Help the weak. Be patient with everyone. Make sure no one repays a wrong with a wrong, but always pursue the good for each other and everyone else. Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Don’t suppress the Spirit. Don’t brush off Spirit-inspired messages, but examine everything carefully and hang on to what is good. Avoid every kind of evil. Now, may the God of peace himself cause you to be completely dedicated to him; and may your spirit, soul, and body be kept intact and blameless at our Lord Jesus Christ’s coming. The one who is calling you is faithful and will do this.” 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24

These words from 1 Thessalonians are comforting to me. They remind me to look at the world with the God’s eyes and see the world with grace and compassion. Faith Family, may these words of God bless you in the coming month. May these words give you comfort and help you see the world with God’s eyes.

I miss you. I miss see your smiles, hearing your voices sing, and sharing in life together. I look forward to being together.




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