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Monthly Newsletter

Words from Assoc. Pastor Elizabeth:

The New Year

Happy New Year! God is at work at FAITH. Already this year we have worshiped together, feasted together and studied together. Ministry Teams are hard at work planning for exciting things in the coming year. The rumor is the handbell choir will play throughout the year.

I love this time of year. We set new year resolutions. I have never been very good at these. I have usually let it go by mid-February. When I make them, I tend to make them grandiose dreams, but don’t think about the reality on what it takes to get there. Without a plan in place the resolution begins to feel out of reach, and I give up. So I have given up on big resolutions, but I still like to think through what I want the year to look like. How do I want to live? My answer to this question is always a response to what feels out of balance for me. One year in response to feeling pulled into many directions, I worked on be present and mindful about where I chose to spend my time.

I started this year with the flu, so I didn’t get the time in the stillness of the first days of the year for reflection. I was feeling a bit lost as we returned to the normal rhythms of work and school for our family, and I remembered a practice I participated in at the Church I was at during Seminary called star words. As the Magi were guided by the star in the sky to the home of the Christ child, we are guided to Christ by the word on our star. These words are a guiding word for the year. They are a gift from God and help us to find Christ in our lives. You grab one from a basket without looking. You don’t get to dig through and pick the word you think you need, rather you grab the word the Holy Spirit guides you to. This is the word God has given you.

This past Wednesday the youth and I discussed Epiphany, and I invited them to draw a star word along with me. The word I received was imagination.

At first, I was excited about this word, but the longer I sit with it, the more difficult this word seems. Imagination leads to creativity and creativity leads to exciting new things. Imagination also means creating space to let your mind wander. It means being open to a new way of doing something. It means new things are coming. Imagination means we have to begin to live into the new reality that is coming. We have to be able to see and believe what we imagine can and will be true and to take steps to make it happen.

In my ordination vows one of the questions I answered ask: Will you pray for and seek to serve the people with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love? This year especially I will serve God and you with energy, intelligence, imagination and love. I hope you will serve alongside me sharing your gifts of energy, intelligence, imagination, and love. I pray that you will be willing to try new things, and to let God take FAITH on a new journey.

God is at work at FAITH and I can’t wait to see where God takes us this year!

FAITHfully Yours,


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