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Words from Assoc. Pastor Elizabeth:

FAITH Family,

Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us “There’s a Season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens.” (CEB) Our life is marked by the seasons of growing up and the seasons of the calendar, just to name a few. We have so many different ways we mark the seasons of our lives, and each season brings with it its own rhythm, triumphs and challenges. The season of summer is approaching its end. For families of school age children, this season brings a rhythm of rest. Summer is marked by lazy days and sleeping in, as the pressure of school is absent. The calendar has flipped to August and we are moving into a transition period between the seasons. We are preparing to return to the seasons of learning. A season marked by school schedules and schoolwork. We are gearing up to return to school, anticipating the many differences this school year will bring. For my children there is excitement for the new things to come with the next grade, but also a mix of sadness for the things that we know will be different.

Our life of Faith is marked by seasons, as well. Some of these seasons follow the flow of the calendar and others follow the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some of these seasons are in response to the world around us. We have been living in a season marked by a pandemic, and we are just on the verge of moving into the next part of this season. During this season, the life and ministry of FAITH and our faith lives did not stop. They were lived out in a different way. A reentry team has been working hard behind the scenes to imagine what it needs to look like to have in-person life and ministry of the church in the midst of a pandemic.

The reentry team is completing its final checklist. This past Sunday we live streamed from the church sanctuary, and despite a few technical difficulties, our first attempt was overall successful! This week we will again be live streaming from the Sanctuary. Beginning August 16th, as you are ready, FAITH will have the option for in-person worship.

Expect things to be different. We have taken steps to mitigate risk, while also acknowledging the risk is still present. A few steps we have taken include installing hand sanitizer stations throughout the church, increasing the filtration on the HVAC filters, and reducing touch points as much as possible. Prior to August 16th, we will send out a video detailing all the changes you can expect to see. We know it will be different and at the same time it will be familiar. It will still be the physical place you come to worship. You will continue to hear familiar words of grace and love. You will continue to see familiar faces. And if you are not ready to return to worship, we will continue to live stream the services.





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