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Words from Assoc. Pastor Elizabeth:

FAITH Family,

It is with joy I write to you this month. Joy for the time to rest and restore myself in the time off. I am beyond grateful for the time y’all gave to me. It is good to be back in my office, as I hear kids giggling and learning in the building.

I can’t believe it is October! We are moving into a season filled with traditions and routines. We are already talking Christmas and Thanksgiving plans in my house. But first we have Halloween. In October we imagine what we could be, as we think through what we would be if we could be anything else. Halloween gives us an opportunity to try on another image, another persona. It is quite fun to see how our kids choose to be seen for Halloween. As of today, both my boys want to be wizards for Halloween. Lincoln would actually like to be a boggart, but those costumes don’t exist, so he settled for a wizard. I have been thinking about the appeal to wizards. In the past my kids have dressed up as characters from their favorite shows, but this year they want to be wizards. Wizards have the ability to control. They have power and authority. Everything a 5 year and 7 year old are striving for.

What if we tried being a wizard in our lives? What if we looked at the places where we have the ability to control and were intentional in using this for good? Each of us has places in which we have the control. We can control our attitudes. We can control to some extent the ways we use our time, money, resources. We can control who we choose to interact with in our free time. We have to go to work, or school. We have to pay our bills and buy groceries. Can you imagine the way your life would change, if you choose to respond positively to everything? This does not mean, we fake happiness, or ignore our feelings of sadness and anger. It means we acknowledge our emotions, and then choose to move forward with positivity. It means, we mourn our losses, but then we look to the future with hope and embrace what it holds.

What about those places where we have power and authority? Do we use our positions of power and authority to make the world a better place? Do we use it to gain more power, or do we share our power? We all have places that we are the authority figure, or the one looked to for decisions. We all have opportunities to claim the power and authority we have been given and use it in a way that makes life easier for our self and others, or to make it harder. We also have the opportunity to share our power and authority with others. Some of the people I look up to most as mentors shared their power and authority. It was not about gaining more power, but about making things better for all. We could all be wizards for Halloween, and maybe we should keep that as our full time persona. We just need to be careful that we do not become a wizard so powerful we are causing destruction.

The next few months will look different. There will be a lot of things out of our control. There will be things we want to change and wish we could. The next few months will bring sadness and grief as we acknowledge the continued loss 2020 will bring. Be a wizard these next few months. Be aware of the control you have in each situation. Be aware of your power and authority in each moment. Make the choices that lead you to the promised future making it better as you go.






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