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Words from Temporary Coordinating Pastor:

FAITH Family,

Greetings one and all,

First some catchup news: Kyler Hall, the admin at our office, is out sick and won’t be back until the 19th. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
She is able to do some of her essential work (such as this email) from her home.

Second, the first part of the newsletter came yesterday with Pastor’s Elizabeth’s good-bye note. Keep her in your prayers as she begins her new position. Now, here is the second part.

Third, Session and I (Edie Gause) have made an arrangement for me to serve as Temporary Coordinating Pastor until either the Session hires an interim pastor or the PNC which you have elected has a new pastor to present to you. My duties are basic: moderate all session and congregational meetings, be in the office two days a week (or attending meetings), do all the supervisory duties of a pastor ( head of staff, contracts, etc.), make sure the playground and gazebo are installed, provide pastoral care, and do anything else they may ask. I receive compensation for 14 hours per week; no benefits are part of the package. Pray for the Session Interim Committee and the PNC!

To introduce myself, I am a minister member of Grace Presbytery who lives in Ft. Worth with my husband Rev. Andrew Short (also a retired PC(U.S.A.) minister who was the first director of the Presbyterian Night Shelter among many other things) and with our cat Brooke who is truly a part of our family demanding that I arise in the morning to feed her and that Andrew is close by at all times. I have served the church all over the country in interim ministry positions both in congregations and in presbyteries and synods. I was also part of the Interim Ministry faculty for the Presbyterian Church and for the Interim Ministry Network. I founded First Response Interim Ministry out of my frustrations with trying to serve in situations where ministers had left by death or by being yanked out by the Presbytery Committee on Ministry for sexual, financial, or other malfeasance in office. Faith Church is fortunately quite tame. Before that while an elder I had founded Single Again, a ministry of family support during divorce, as a response to my own divorce. Before that in the early days of my service, I helped start a multi-cultural, multi-aspect preschool and taught early childhood courses to aspiring aides and teachers. In high school I went to at least one party where I partied with none other than the current president-elect. Yes, I grew up in northern Delaware, went to the College of Wooster for my undergraduate work. I became a life-long learner earning three Masters’ degrees and a Doctorate in Ministry (Goucher College, Loyola College of Baltimore, St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, and South Florida Center for Theological Studies).Now in my free time, I read a lot of magazines and books, play chess with Andrew, keep up with the news, and shop at Estate Sales. We live in a small house on Elizabeth Boulevard in Ft. Worth (we have the mansions of Ryan Place across and up the street). I have seen all but 3 of our 50 states (thanks to our Presbyterian meetings and service locales. I have three kids – 2 of whom I birthed: Stuart is an engineer north of Philadelphia ; Nora is a personal chef in Seattle, and Rachel is retired from the Army and currently manages a Home Depot store in Bothell, Washington (near Seattle). I have 4 grandchildren; Andrew has 5, and my late husband had 5. Grandparenting is such fun, especially now that I am also a great grandmother! How did I get to Texas? I served as interim pastor at the church in Weatherford. We stayed because Andrew grew up in Northwest Dallas and we came to be close to one of his sons’ family who lives nearby in Ft. Worth. His other son and family are in Rhode Island.

Fourth, construction is happening at the church – the playground is being moved to the East side and a gazebo, the gift of a family in the Faith Preschool, will soon rise on the West side. Closing on the sale of the back acres is expected in February. Moving of the playground is prerequisite of that.

What a wonderful congregation you are – faithful during the pandemic, experiencing change, and soon to experience a new pastor!

Blessings upon you all and pray for our new session which begins work tomorrow at a virtual retreat. Rejoice with me as we celebrate Andrew’s participation in the Pfizer blind trials – he got a call today that he was one of the recipients of the vaccine they were testing for Covid-19. He is immune and I am signed up for shots as part of the group 1b. We are grateful!

Grace-filled Peace,
Edie Gause


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