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 Words from Pastor Jim:


I know and have known too many people that claim to have something they call faith. They make this claim even though they are not as active in a faith community – a church – as they once were, if at all.

Yet, they claim to have faith.

Real faith is a dynamic concept. Faith is never stagnant, never standing in one place. There’s no such thing as a faith plateau.

We may get a feeling, a sensation, that our faith has reached a point and is not progressing any further. But, we need to pay close attention to that sensation. It is telling us something of eternal importance—and there is nothing more important than that.

We like to believe that we can and do maintain a certain level of faith even though our life is involved with fewer and fewer faith activities. The idea (really a rationalization) that faith can stay constant is something we grasp onto instead of dealing with the truth about our faith.

That important sensation we get is not that our faith has stopped moving forward or stopped growing. That sensation is our faith shifting into reverse.

Our life keeps moving forward as our faith rapidly recedes from view.

The truth is, a faith that is not moving forward is moving backward.

Paradoxically, someone who really experiences what they feel is a loss of faith—and, is deeply affected by that experience—just may be someone who is getting ready for a big step forward in faith.

A faith that is moving forward will inevitably have to move through dark valleys. A famous poem by a 16th Century mystic, St John of the Cross, titled The Dark Night of the Soul captures this part of the faith journey.

No, if we aren’t actively wrestling with our faith, even in dark times, then our faith is in remission, in reverse.

With cancer, remission is a good thing. With faith—not so much.

There is no easier and more sure way to put your faith in remission than reducing your involvement in church. A moving forward faith requires intentional association and relationship with other people who are intentionally nurturing their faith.

Church is people in relationship or it’s not church.

The journey of faith cannot be traveled alone. And, you can’t move forward with faith by yourself.

Faith Presbyterian is a community of people who understand the vital need to be moving forward in faith. Faith in Jesus Christ is always a journey forward—not always an easy road, including dark valleys—but, moving forward, nonetheless.

That’s why people of faith need each other—for encouragement, support, and most importantly, love.

By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another – Jesus. John 13:35

Every other aspect of life needs to be carried out under and in this thing we share called faith—a moving forward faith.

Faith needs to lead our lives, not follow our lives.

I encourage you to make whatever adjustments you need to make in life in order to move forward with FAITH—and make a bold commitment to your FAITH community.

Because, a life without faith in Christ—a life that is not filled with faith in Christ—is a life destined for disappointment and not much meaning.

A life moving forward with FAITH is—well, life—a truly real, fulfilling life.

A life that is moving forward with faith in Jesus Christ will always be an abundant life.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly! – Jesus, John 10:10

FAITHfully Yours,

 Pastor Jim

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