Tweens (5th-7th grade) GOD SQUAD


5th – 7th Grade – God Squad!

These years are filled with lots of not quite yets, as we transition from a child to an adolescent. We are giving them more opportunities to make decisions and take on more responsibility. One thing we can count on with students this age is that they are constantly changing! And all of this change can be a real challenge both for students and parents. Our desire is to walk alongside you and your student in this exciting time. We’re here because we love this age and because we believe this is a critical stage of development physically, emotionally and spiritually. As students make decisions about who they’ll become and what they’ll believe, we want to the God Squad, as well as, the entire community at FAITH to be a strong force in pointing them toward Gods and a life of FAITH.

The God Squad will explore what it means to have faith through a variety of ways. We will spend time reading and learning what the Bible says about following Christ. We will look to ways we can claim our faith and apply it to our lives. We will also spend time together and build connection s as we share our lives together.

Sunday School
Sunday school is offered from 9:15-10:15. Connecting to older youth and adults is important at this age. During the Sunday School hour, our tweens meet with our high school youth. We are building community while we study God’s word. This fall we are looking at some of the lesser known stories in the Bible and what they can teach us about God’s truths.

Wednesdays Together
Most Wednesdays all ages gather for a potluck supper. We meet at 6:15 to set the table for our meal. After we have shared in a meal together around the table, the God Squad will meet for Bible studies, mission activities, and fellowship. Each week we do a variety of activities to dive deep into the stories. Wednesday’s nights are a lot of fun. We finish up about 7:30.

Worship is an important part of our actions as Christians. Each Sunday we have the opportunity to gather together and sing praises to God, hear the scripture, participate in the sacraments.

Fellowship events
Connection with one another is important, and vital to deeper growth in our faith and as our community! In order to help foster this, we the God Squad will have fellowship events a couple of times a semester and will have the opportunity to participate in camps and conferences through the year.

During the tweens time in God Squad, each tween will have the opportunity to go through confirmation. Typically during Lent, we offer a time for the tween to study, in depth, what it means to be a member of a church and allow them to claim their faith. Building upon what we have been learning throughout our time in the God Squad, we spend 6 weeks intentionally looking at what it means to be Presbyterian, what it means to be a member of a church, and what it looks like to claim our faith. The class concludes, with a written statement of each tweens personal statement of Faith presented to the session of our church. We then welcome these young people into full membership of the church during worship.

Youth ministry is not possible without the support of volunteers! If you are able and willing to share your gifts with the youth of the church, there is a place for you. Commitments range from a one-time event, to monthly and yearlong.

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