Youth of FAITH (8th-12th)


Youth of FAITH
8th – 12th Grade

We seek to: WELCOME everyone as they are, BE REAL before God and others, EMPOWER each other to use our gifts to honor God, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others by demonstrating Christ’s love. We dive deep in our conversations about life, faith and God. We have fun together. We learn together. We share love together. So much of 8th-12 grade is focused on what is next in life, we try to focus on the now in order to prepare them for the what’s next. We ask questions like: ‘How does this apply to my life now?’ or ‘how can I show God’s love now?’

Sunday School
Sunday school is offered from 9:15-10:15. Connecting to older youth and adults is important at this age. During the Sunday School hour, our Youth of Faith and God Squad meet together. We are building community while we study God’s word. This fall we are looking at some of the lesser known stories in the Bible and what they can teach us about God’s truths.

Wednesdays Together
Most Wednesdays all ages gather for a potluck supper. We meet at 6:15 to set the table for our meal. After we have shared in a meal together around the table, the Youth of FAITH will meet for Bible studies, mission activities, and fellowship. Each week we do a variety of activities to dive deep into the stories. Wednesday’s nights are a lot of fun. We aim to finish up between 7:45 and 8:00.

Worship is an important part of our actions as Christians. Each Sunday we have the opportunity to gather together and sing praises to God, hear the scripture, and participate in the sacraments. Annually the youth will plan and lead a worship service and Seniors are invited to share their Faith Story.

Fellowship events
Connection with one another is important, and vital to deeper growth in our faith and as our community! In order to help foster this, The YOUTH of Faith will have fellowship events a couple of times a semester and will have the opportunity to participate in camps and conferences through the year. We have at least one lock-in each year.

Youth ministry is not possible without the support of volunteers! If you are able and willing to share your gifts with the youth of the church, there is a place for you. Commitments range from a one-time event, to monthly and yearlong.

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